Sunday, July 26, 2009

Taylor's First Camping Trip.

We took Taylor on her first camping trip this weekend. It is so hard to believe that this time last year we were talking about taking her camping, I was still pregnant, and just getting over my morning sickness! Wow, how time is flying by. We went to Cedars of Lebanon since it is half way between Cookeville and Pegram. We also thought it would be close in case Taylor didn't like camping and we needed to head back early. Well, we did not have to use that plan at all. Taylor loved camping! She loves being outside in general, so this was right up her alley! She played very well in her pack and play, and even slept in it the first night! We did lots of fun stuff with her as well. We went on walks, played in the swings, listened to live music, and ate lots of good food. She ate her solid food better this weekend than she ever has! She even took her bedtime bath outside!! The only down side to the weekend was Saturday night. I believe she was thirsty from being hot outside all day, and she nursed for over an hour (which is very unusual for her at this age). When I went to put her to bed, a cop came through the campgroun with lights flashing. I decided not to put her down yet so I could see what was going on. While I was holding her she woke up and spit up quite a bit. I figured she at too much and didn't think much about it. Well, she ended up throwing up (projectile style) three more times. At this point I was very worried. We called the after hours nurse line, and they told us to watch her and not let her get dehydrated. She slept on me the rest of the night, and I didn't sleep at all. She ended up being fine, but I was a nervous wreck! I guess that just comes along with being a parent! The next morning she was fine. She woke up and was her happy little self! It was a great trip overall, and I can't wait to take her camping again!

Playing in her pack and play

Hercules refuses to look at Taylor! Oh, the things we do to get a baby to smile!

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