Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Easter Weekend.

Taylor's first Easter weekend was a busy one! After her 4 month checkup and storm drama (see previous post), we made our way to Nashville. Our first stop was at Grandmama and T-Daddy's house. We had dinner Friday night with Grandmama, T-Daddy, Michael, Maggie, Savannah, Jeremy, and Ann Claire. Taylor was a little fussy since she had two shots earlier in the day, and we actually gave her the first dose of Tylenol ever. Once the Tylenol kicked in, she felt great! She talked and squealed so much that we couldn't get her to go to sleep! She finally went down at 10:00 p.m. and slept until 5:15 a.m.!!! (Longest stretch so far). We slept a little more after she ate then got up and had a big breakfast. Savannah came back over for the morning and we did an Easter egg hunt and got Easter baskets from Grandmama and T-Daddy. It was a great morning. Next, we made our way to Pegram for the annual Chester family egg hunt. My whole family was there and we had a blast as always. My Dad (A.K.A. Grandpa) was the Easter chicken again. I think he enjoyed it even more this year getting to find eggs for Taylor! I think she had a good time and even grabbed onto an egg and held it for quite a while. She was definitely in a better mood, but we still gave her a little Tylenol because she was running a low fever. After the egg hunt, we headed back to Grana and Grandpa's house for a little while. Taylor got her Easter basket there and we visited for a little bit then headed back to Cookeville. Sunday morning we were able to go to church at Collegeside. Taylor looked beautiful in her new Easter dress! We had so many people come up and tell us how pretty she was. (Of course we already knew she was beautiful!) After church we had lunch at Cracker Barrel with Jackie and Don then we made our way back home. After Taylor ate lunch we went outside to take some family pictures and then Taylor got her Easter basket that the Easter bunny left for her! It was such a wonderful weekend with family and friends! I think we were all tired, but it was completely worth it! Taylor got a lot of great things for Easter! I'm thinking we will have to rent a trailer at Christmas after seeing all the "loot" we brought back from Easter!!! Enjoy the pictures from our weekend!
Opening her Easter basket from Grandmama and T-Daddy.

Proud Grandmama with Taylor and Savannah.

T-Daddy, Grandmama, Taylor, and Savannah.

Uncle C.H. holding Taylor.

Grandpa helping Taylor hunt eggs!

Granny Pat and Pa with all the grandchildren.

Mommy and Taylor. Check out the grip on that egg!

Grandpa showing Taylor an egg.

Easter basket from Grana and Grandpa.

Grana showing her the bunny from her basket.

Ready to head home in her Easter p.j.'s

Easter basket from the Easter Bunny.

The back of Taylor's dress. Love it!

Just chillin'.

Easter Family Photo.

Closer shot.

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