Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Today's Events

Today was a pretty fun day. Taylor and I met my friend Caroline for some play time and lunch. Caroline was my roommate in college for a couple years, and has been living in Texas and Washington D.C. for the last four years. We spent some time playing with her and John (her husband) and their dog Hank, as well as John's Mom and their dog Stella. Both dogs are much bigger than Taylor is used to (Hank is an 80 pound boxer). She did great with both of them! Caroline got some pictures of Taylor petting Hank. I forgot my camera, so hopefully, I can get her to send them to me and I will post them on here. After we played for a little while, Caroline, Taylor, and I headed out to lunch at Fazoli's. It was great to get to catch up, and I am looking forward to more time with her since they will be here all summer!! We came home and I fed Taylor then Blake took her for her afternoon nap. They napped together for a couple hours. During that time I was able to finish some laundry and edit some of Taylor's six month pictures (see the post below)! Later tonight, I was getting Taylor ready for bed with her nightly bath. She was cracking me up! She sat up on her own the entire time in the bath! Then she kept reaching up and trying to pull herself up on the front of her little tub! I really thought she was going to stand up on her own. Our little girl is growing and getting so strong! Blake was out tonight, so I had bed time on my own (he read her stories before he left). I laid her in her crib so I could empty her bath water and get ready to put her to sleep. She has a little sea horse that plays music that I sat beside her. She reached over and wrapped her arms around it, hugged it, then looked up at me with the biggest smile! She just melts my heart! I love this little girl so much! We definitely had a great day. She is sleeping soundly right now, so I will be headed off to bed pretty soon. I can't wait to see her in the morning and see what tomorrow holds for us!!

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