Saturday, August 15, 2009

Demolition Derby

Since the fair is still in town for one more night, we decided to take Taylor to it again! Tonight was the demolition derby, which always promises for some good ole' redneck fun! We headed out in enough time to get a seat, but still had a little trouble finding one. This night is always popular at the fair. When the cars came out and started up, Taylor got a little nervous. She actually cried because of the noise, and then she would not let go of me! It is the first time she has really been scared and attached to me. So, we watched a couple heats, then decided to take Taylor away from the noise. We walked around the midway a couple times and got a funnel cake then we headed home for the night. Taylor fell asleep on the way home. I think she was just relieved to be away from all the noise! All in all, I think Taylor had a good experience at her first county fair!
Hanging on to Mommy!

The action!

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