Thursday, August 13, 2009

Elmo Live!

Taylor loves Elmo! Every time Elmos' World comes on TV, she stops everything and watches it. When we go to Wal-mart, I always take her to the toy section to play with the talking Elmo's. There is one Elmo that is awesome. It is called Elmo live, and he looks so real (as real as a TV puppet should look, I guess). Anyways, Taylor loves this Elmo. I have been trying to decide if I wanted to spend $60 - $70 on this talking Elmo. I kept thinking no, but really wanted her to have it. Well, today, I went to a new store in town that is similar to Big Lots. I looked across the store and spotted an Elmo sitting on the shelf. He was not in a box, but I knew he did something cool when I looked at him. He did not work in the store, but I thougt I would give it a try. I only paid $10 for him. I checked out the return policy so I would be safe in case new batteries did not work. When Blake got home from work, we replaced the batteries and turned him on. I was so excited when he started talking because it was Elmo live!!!!! I was so proud of my $10 find for Taylor. She wasn't too sure about him at first, but she is warming up to him! I'm sure we will have lots of fun with him. I think Blake and I are having more fun with him right now than Taylor is, but I'm sure that will change! Here are some pictures and Taylor playing with him.

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