Friday, May 29, 2009

First Swim In Her Frog Pool!

A few weeks ago, I found a frog pool at Wal-mart for $5 and just had to get it for Taylor! It is the cutest pool ever! Today, we decided it was time to try it out, so we put on a swim diaper, her swim suit, hat, and sunglasses and hit the pool! She wasn't too sure about it since the water was a little cooler than what she is used to at bath time, but I think by the end of the summer she will be loving it!

Ready to head out!
A cute shot with her sunglasses on!
Trying to figure out if she likes it.

Still not too sure.
I had to take this picture! This was after Blake turned on the spray and it was pointing straight at Taylor! It nailed her in the face! She really wasn't sure what to think after that!

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