Thursday, May 14, 2009

I Love Bed Time!

Okay, before you start thinking that I'm so excited to get my child asleep so I can get things done, don't. That is not where I'm going with this! We have recently started a bed time routine with Taylor. We start off with a bath while relaxing music is playing in the background. (Lately we've been playing Acappella Lullabyes). Then we get her pj's on and Blake comes in and reads her a couple books and tells her a story. Next its off to our bed to feed her and get her to sleep. Then she goes down in her crib for the night (or at least until she wakes up). I have really started enjoying this time and even look forward to it every day. It is some of Taylor's sweetest time. She loves her bath and is so "cuddly" afterwards. I even love sitting at the door and listening to Blake read and make up stories for her! Who knew you could find so much joy in simple things like giving a bath and reading a book!?

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